Populonia was one of the most important and big Etruscan and Roman cities, but over the years it has a great expansion;

now it is a small village full of services, schools and refreshment centers, also characterized by a residential architecture with small buildings and terraced houses.

Despite the evolution of the country, in Populonia it is still possible to identify the remains of the ancient city in the Etruscan walls and in some old buildings of the Roman era.

The city necropolis of the different historical phases can be visited at the archaeological park of Baratti and Populonia, while it is also possible to visit the private Gasparri collection that consists of a series of submarine finds.

Another attraction of the area of Populonia is the ancient estate TENUTA of “Poggio all’Agnello”, a farm that belonged to the counts Desideri in the 18th century, now become a hotel.